How It Works

    To register on the site

  1. Register your very own DStv Nuvox account for free. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete the signup process
  2. Check your email address (which you will give during the signup process) for a verification code link. Click on this link or copy it and paste in a browser to activate your DStv Nuvox account
  3. Once your email account has been verified, you can then log into your DStv Nuvox account and begin enjoying a wide range of value added services

  4. To pay for your subscription

  5. Navigate to the 'Pay Your DStv Bill' page and select "Pay Subscription"
  6. Select either the '1stTime Subscription' option or the 'Renew Subscription' option.
  7. FIll in your user and decoder details and follow the prompts
  8. Confirm the Total Amount you are to be charged and make your payment using the Interswitch payment system

  9. To update your user details

  10. You can access your user/contact information either by navigating to the 'My Account' page from which you can then select "Modify Settings", or you can simply select the "settings" link atop the navigation bar on any page once you are logged in

  11. To view transaction history

  12. You can view your transaction history by selecting "view transactions" on the "my account" page

  13. To manage your DStv accounts

  14. You can manage the subscriber accounts you have created by selecting the "manage accounts" link on the "my account" page

  15. To shop online

  16. The online shop is not LIVE yet. Coming soon.